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Gluten free homemade pasta

>> 27 gennaio 2010

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Are you celiac? Do you like homemade pasta? Do not worry, you can continue to prepare and eat homemade pasta by using a special gluten free flour mix made by the Italian Company "BiAglut". To be celiac do not mean to renounce to good Italian food.
I've tested this gluten free flour in making the fresh homemade pasta and the result was very good.
It's often easier to buy pasta in a store but it's much more nice to make it by yourself!

Ingredients for two people:
  • 200 grams gluten-free flour, brand: BiAglut (web site is here), [*]
  • 2 eggs
  • some gluten free rice flour [*]
  • a pinch of salt
  • some water
[*] all these ingredients must be clearly labelled as "gluten free" and/or "gluten and wheat free" so that this recipe could be safe for coealiacs.

By the way BiAglut gluten free flour, look at this LINK for more info about this product.

  • place the BiAglut flour on a wood board or work surface and make a well in the centre, pour the eggs into the hole. Add a pinch of salt.
  • work the flour and the eggs together firstly with a fork and then with a plastic spatula (like the one in the photo).
  • using your hands, mix the ingredients together, incorporating little by little, until everything is combined (adding just a drop of water if necessary and no more). Knead the pieces of dough together; firstly the dough is sticky but, while you continue to knead, it becomes smooth. Knead it for some minutes until it become perfectly smooth like in the photo. In order to avoid that the dough glues to the wood board, put some rice flour on the surface of the board.

  • put the dough into a plastic bag because the gluten free flour dries rapidly.
  • separate the dough into two pieces (while you work the first piece, remember to keep the second one in the plastic bag).
  • flour your work surface with some rice flour and start to roll out one of the two pieces of the dough with a rolling pin. Roll from the middle, flouring the surface with rice flour in case of need. Flip over the dough sometimes and continue to roll until you obtain a sheet with circular shape and desired thickness (look at the photos).
  • flour both faces of the sheet with some rice flour and roll up the sheet on itself, cut the sheet into some strips (width: 6.0 mm.) with a sharp blade like in the photo. Well done, you've just obtained the famous Italian "Tagliatelle".
  • shake the strips one by one with your hands to free them.
  • put some rice flour on a server and put the strips on it (you can put some rice flour over to avoid that the strips stick each other).
  • rool out the second piece of the dough as you did the first.
  • heat some water in a big pan, salt it when boiling and pour your homemade pasta into it (before pouring it, remember to remove the most of rice flour).
  • since it is fresh, it will cook in few minutes. When the pasta comes to the surface, taste it in order to check if it's ready or if it's necessary to cook for some minutes more. Keep in mind that, tasting the pasta from time to time, might help to find your personal cooking time. Do not let it overcook!
  • strain the pasta and season it with the sauce and some raped Parmigiano Reggiano ........ yummmmmmmm!

if you have prepared a big quantity of Tagliatelle and you don't want to cook all, you can well dry them in a fresh place for 1-2 days and then use it in the following days/weeks.

© All rights reserved

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